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  • At-Home Wax Kit
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    At-Home Wax Kit
    Fuzz Wax Bar

    We created our kits to make sure that when you wax at home, you have everything you need to maintain your fuzz!

    You have the option to purchase just the kit, but we recommend purchasing a warmer and pot. You can also purchase the kit and receive full-size Fuzz Skincare products as well, saving 15% on the Fuzz Skincare line!

    What to Use this Kit For

    Our hard wax is great for sensitive areas, such as the face, upper lip, side burns, underarms, and bikini line. However, we don't recommend brow shaping or full Brazilian unless you really know what you're doing.

    Each Kit includes:

    • 9.5 oz of high quality hard wax; enough for facial touch-ups, underarms, and bikini line
    • Natural wooden spatulas in both small and large sizes
    • Fuzz Skin Beautifying Body Oil Sampler
    • Fuzz Skin Hydrating Body Lotion Sampler
    • Fuzz Skin Perfecting Body Scrub Sampler
    • Digital guide on everything you need to know for at-home waxing
    • 20 Minute Zoom Q&A with a Fuzzologist

    Recommended Add-ons:

    • Wax Pot with Warmer
    • Wax Pot, Warmer, as well as our entire Fuzz Skincare line; Fuzz lotion (250ml), Fuzz oil, Fuzz Scrub, Fuzz V-mask.

    We've Got Your Back

    We're here for you! Each kit includes a digital guide on how to wax, as well as a 20 minute Zoom Q&A with one of our Fuzzologists to get the 101 on waxing at home.


    Please Note

    This is professional-grade equipment and it's the same equipment that you'll find in the wax bars. We have detailed instructions for you to follow - please read them carefully and only wax the recommended areas.


    Each Wax Kit Includes

    20 Minute  Zoom  Q&A 

    One of our Fuzzologists will walk you through everything you need to know about waxing.  This includes  best waxing practices, how to tell if the wax is ready, and best ways to apply and remove the wax. By the end of this call, you'll be ready to wax.

    Digital How-to Guide

    On top of the Q&A with a Fuzzologist, you will receive an in-depth guide on how to use the wax. We recommend giving the guide a read before your Q&A, so you can use that time to answer any questions you may have.


    High-quality Hard Wax Beads

    Best  used  on sensitive areas, our amazing hard wax is great for bikini line touch-ups, facial waxing, and underarms. It's easy to use, and doesn't require any sticky strips! You will receive a full pot of wax, which is 9.5 oz of wax beads.


    Natural Wooden Spatulas

    Our natural wooden spatulas are the only tool you need to apply and remove our hard wax! Each kit includes 10 spatulas. When it comes to waxing at home - you can double dip (!!) and save on your spatulas.

    Sample Size of our Fuzz Skin Beautifying Body Oil

    Used before every hard wax service at Fuzz, you will receive a roll-on sampler of our Skin Beautifying Body Oil to nourish and protect the skin before your wax. 

    Sample Size of our Fuzz Skin Hydrating Body Lotion

    With calming ingredients such as calendula and chamomile, our Skin Hydrating Body Lotion is perfect for soothing the skin right after a wax, and great as a daily moisturizer.


    Sample Size of our Fuzz Skin Perfecting Body Scrub

    Our infamous Fuzz Skin Perfecting Body Scrub helps maintain your smooth skin in between waxes, and helps prevent bumps or ingrown hairs. It's best to use this regularly, and the scrub sampler  is perfect opportunity to give it a try.

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